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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie: Zero Dark Thirty & Lincoln


  • It made me think. A lot. The day after once it had really sunken in, I started to think about all the issues raised in the movies. another friend who had seen it joked that she regretted telling me she had seen it because I couldn't shut up about the whole politics involved in this movie.
  • Jessica Chastain was awesome, I really liked her portrayal of Maya and I think she did an awesome job in showing the growth of an agent like her from the start of doing that job to how she ended up being, having insecurities at first and needing to look away to becoming cold blooded and following her own way.
  • Even though not a whole lot happens and you know how it all ends, the movie manages to keep you captivated the whole time.
  • I liked the fact that the movie just tried to show something, tell a story everybody knows about and it didn't embellish it, it was a different kind of way of watching a movie.


  • It's definitely not a movie everybody can enjoy, not that there are such movies, there are always people who like something and people who don't, but I feel with this one that you do have to be somewhat interested in the topic to enjoy the movie. 
  • While I was expecting much worse torture scenes, I can see how this part of the movie can be off putting, some thing you get to see are quite stomach churning, not even because it's particularly graphic but just the idea of what is happening there.

 All in All

Not a movie for the faint-hearted and the topic does have to interest you in some way. I found it a well-done cinematographic work with great acting that keeps you on the edge of your seat but I can imagine that it's not everybody's experience.


  • The acting was amazing, Daniel Day Lewis did such a great job with this part, he really brought Lincoln to life. It was not him alone who was sublime, Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones gave their best was well.
  • The fact that they only showed a small part of Lincoln's history and concentrated on that and how it affected him, his family and everybody else.
  • I liked the mixture of the political scenes and Lincoln's private life which was not without trouble but also touching at times. It's always nice to see the real person behind the public figure.
  • Everything else, the whole movie looked very real concerning scenery, locations, atmosphere, etc.


  • The political talk can get a bit boring which can be off putting for people that are not interested in the topic.
  • There is a lot of talking going on. A lot.

All in all

I really liked the movie but I'm interested in American politics and history so that helps but besides that the movie is worth seeing because it deals with an important topic and as I've mentioned it's executed really well and the acting is marvelous.


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