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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective 

 Weekly Wishes is a linkup to talk about your goals and wishes for the upcoming week, you can check it out over at The Nectar Collective.

This weeks theme is warmth.

I didn't get around to posting last week, mostly because I just didn't but also because I didn't really accomplish my goals last week, mostly the PhD stuff, and I guess I didn't want to face that.

What I Got Done

  • Edit the next chapter and finish it so I can send it to my friend.
Done! It's Academic Writing Month and I decided to participate again (after I failed last year) and I got everything that needed to be written and edited done in two days after slagging a lot before.
  • Email my professor, again I might wait until I can include the next chapter.
Not yet, waiting until my friend has read my writings.
  • Start reading some of the loose ends I got lying around.
Done! I haven't read all of the loose ends but I've started.
  • Read Allegiant, or better manage to get my hands on a physical copy. This is more of a wish than a goal since I can't really do much about it.
Done and done!

  • Keep blogging regularly.
Not done. Sadly, I get lazy about this.
  • Keep the other blog updated.
See above.
  • Work on stuff (cryptic).
  • Find another new recipe to try out.
I have cooked like I always do but I don't think I tried something completely new. Putting new stuff on a pizza is not really new. I did make kale and potato mash on Sunday, which I had never done before but it's not a new dish because my mom has cooked this since forever. First time for me though so let's go with half done here.

  • Catch up on Photo A Day
Done but I'm yet again behind a couple of days, but going to catch up tonight or tomorrow.
  • Send email about my fanclub card and the meeting

Goals for this week

  • 3 to 6 pomodori a day depending on if it's a work day or I otherwise don't get around to doing 6.
  • Finish the reread of The Last of the Crazy People.
  • Start taking notes of the novel.
  • Finish the tying up of the loose ends.
  • Depending on how I get ahead with this, start writing the next part.
  • Consider if I wait for my friend or if I just send my stuff to my supervisor.
I think that for this month I'm just going to concentrate on my PhD goals considering that it's Academic Writing Month, it seems like more than enough to get done until Monday and I really need to get cracking because I was so tired yesterday, I didn't do anything and on Sunday I busied myself with stupid stuff and skipped that day... Although let me put one more.

  • Read so I get ahead on the Autumn Challenge.


  1. You've done quiet a lot, congrats! :) And good luck with your goals :)

    1. Thank you! Even if it took me two weeks, I got it done ;)

  2. Great goals! What are you getting your PhD in?

    1. Thanks! I'm working on Canadian Literature :)

      Hope you had a great week and accomplished what you wanted!

  3. Omgosh! And I thought that my to-do list was long. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting so much done!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks a lot!! Hope you had a great week :)