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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes is a linkup to talk about your goals and wishes for the upcoming week, you can check it out over at The Nectar Collective.

This weeks theme is creativity.

What I got done

  • Finish editing this chapter finally.
  • Take the books back to library and check those two things for my bibliography.
Done! Granted I only did it today but that was because my books were due today and I didn't really feel like going last week and ended up having nothing else to do in town.
  • Read through the next chapter, edit and send it to my friend for a first read.
I got started on this today because I was lazy last week.
  • Contact my supervisor for an appointment, send him my edited chapter and maybe include the next one as well. I'm putting this one down tentatively because I might wait till next week so I can send everything at once.
Not done yet because I was able to get the book to check those two entries for my bibliography today and I finished the editing last night.

  • Reread Insurgent before Allegiant comes out next week.
Done! I literally just finished it and now desperately want to get my hands on Allegiant... I read this series as actual books instead of ebooks (just did the rereads on my Kindle) so I want to continue that tradition and get a physical copy of Allegiant but Amazon doesn't ship until next week. I did check the bookstore tonight after my visit to the library because I was able to buy Insurgent there a couple of days before it actually came out but no luck. I'm in town again on Thursday so hopefully I can get it then and cancel my order on Amazon (unless they can ship it earlier after all). I might have to break tradition and start reading this as an ebook.
  • Depending on how my rereading goes, get started with one of my books for the Autumn Challenge.
Done! I forgot that rereading Insurgent was part of the challenge.

  • Keep to my sort of schedule of posts I want to write.
Done! I managed to get out several posts but I didn't stick to the schedule I thought was good and maybe I won't do that anymore anyway and just feel what and if I feel like posting with a couple of days on set day.

  • Finally bake that pumpkin pie I want to bake for weeks now.
Done! Only today but I decided to not do it earlier because I was supposed to go and meet an old student for coffee and I wanted to bring some cake. Unfortunately she cancelled tonight though because her little boy was running a fever. Oh well, I'm sure the pie will be eating otherwise. I did cook my pumpkin to make the puree yesterday though, that counts for something. This is the recipes I used from The Post Punk Kitchen

  • Decide if I am courageous enough to go to the monthly vegan meet up in town next Monday.
This was more of a thing to decide to go but I ended up not going. I didn't really feel like going alone, although that's maybe also the point of it, to meet some new people. Besides I was pretty tired today so I wouldn't really have felt like going anyway. Why I'm still up now is beyond my own comprehension.

Goals for this week

  • Edit the next chapter and finish it so I can send it to my friend.
  • Email my professor, again I might wait until I can include the next chapter.
  • Start reading some of the loose ends I got lying around.
  • Read Allegiant, or better manage to get my hands on a physical copy. This is more of a wish than a goal since I can't really do much about it.
  • Keep blogging regularly.
  • Keep the other blog updated.
  • Work on stuff (cryptic).
  • Find another new recipe to try out.
  • Catch up on Photo A Day
  • Send email about my fanclub card and the meeting


  1. Nice going on your goals! :)

    and just feel what and if I feel like posting with a couple of days on set day.

    This is what I'm finding works for me. I like having some set days, but I think I'd end up getting annoyed with myself if I had too many of them.

    1. Thanks! I hope this can help me get more things done for my thesis on a weekly basis :) I tried setting down the goals on paper but just for me it doesn't really work and the added bonus of a linkup is quite fun.

      Yeah, I felt like a schedule could work so I know what's happening each day but in the end I think a bit more of freestyle is better and I feel less obliged to post.

  2. Good Luck with your goals this week!! What is Photo A Day??

    1. Thanks a lot!!

      It's a monthly photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim. She posts a list of prompts every month and you take daily pictures accordingly.