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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Music: Don't Explain

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Beth Hart in concert. I had known her ever since LA Song but I never really listened to more of her music. Last year she played a venue close to me but I was sick and decided to not go after all. If I had only known how good she is live last year, I would have gone, cold or not! When I found out she'd be playing close to me again this year, I decided I should finally go. Before the concert I familiarized myself with her other music besides LA Song and I already fell in love with her voice and its powerful sound, while LA Song is still my favorite song by her, there are so many more good songs, she brings something special to everything she does.

The venue she played at was really neat, it's an old castle and they have a small stage in front of it. Unfortunately there are only seats but we were lucky to get seats in the second row on the left and because the venue is so small they were awesome seats considering that we arrived quite late. The setting of the stage was quite simple, just some instruments, the carpet Beth always has on stage and a simple curtain with her logo. I absolutely appreciate simple settings like this for concerts because it's the music I go for and not some big show.

The concert was absolutely wonderful, Beth's voice is amazingly strong and able to transmit any emotion she felt while writing a particular song. The set list varied from old songs and new songs, ballads to hard pieces and she seems to have so much fun on stage. She has an insane amount of energy, moves around a lot and moves her whole body to the sounds of the instruments. I had read beforehand that she is sort of our generation's Janis Joplin and as cliche as it might sound, you can really see and feel it. The way she uses her body and the music does really remind of Janis, and so does her voice.

Before Beth Hart, only Gianna Nannini has managed to move me to tears during a concert, but Beth managed to do the same thing during LA Song which tells a lot about how powerful her music and voice can be.

I definitely recommend going to see her if you're into blues, jazz, rock done by an amazing singer-songwriter with one of the most powerful voices of our time. I bought my ticket for November when she's playing in my area already and luckily at this venue there won't be any seats.


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