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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Music: Waking Up The Neighbors!

I went to see Bryan Adams yesterday. It was my first time seeing him in concert and also my first time experiencing such a big stadium concert from a seat in the stands. Usually, when I go to see Gianna Nannini in these big venues I'm standing in front row so experiencing this from a seat up quite high was very different from what I'm used to and I definitely prefer standing to sitting.


Heather Nova was the opening act and it was great seeing her live again, this time with a full band (saw her during her acoustic tour in 2010) but she is definitely an artist that works much better in a small intimate venue I think. Obviously the audience mostly waiting for Bryan to come out didn't really help with the atmosphere during her set. Nonetheless, I enjoyed her set and it was great to hear some of her new songs.

Bryan was great, I had never seen him live but I'll definitely be going again. He sounds great live and as this was a greatest hits shows, you basically know every song. I really appreciated the fact that the stage was quite bare and they just had the big screens (all in black and white, save for like a little bit of the artwork for some songs) and there was not a big show made out of lights. He and his band were also dressed very simple, all in jeans and a black shirt. I really like toned down shows like this because I go to see the artist and hear the music and not see some elaborate light or circus show and ten different outfits. His voice sounds as good live as it does on the albums and I was stunned by the fact that he played for two and a half hours straight, quite impressive. He did however not move around a lot and when he did he just walked across the stage so that probably also helps in saving some energy but singing 25 songs straight is very impressive all the same. It was awesome hearing all those songs I was expecting to hear from some ballads to Summer of '69 and then some more that made me think "oh yes, that's by him also!"

Even though the show itself wasn't very energetic in the sense that he didn't run around a lot, his calm energy was great to see also and I was happy that show in general leaned more towards rock than ballads but obviously songs like (Everything I Do) I Do It For You can't be left out in one of his shows but those calm moments were kinda nice and while the song is kinda boring  on itself, it was a nice moment when it appeared.

One last shout-out his guitar player Keith Scott, one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of seeing live!


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