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Sunday, March 18, 2012

First posts are the hardest

I don't really want to start with some random topic so I guess I'll just do that introduction thing and what I plan on doing here.

I've tried to come up with a theme for this blog but nothing really seemed to be something that was a fit. I could do a cooking or baking blog, both things I liked to do but I don't try new recipes regularly enough to make a blog out of it. I like to read but to only write about books didn't really appeal to me, and besides there's Goodreads where I easily add a little review after reading a book. On top of that I'm getting my PhD in Canadian Literature so I should be writing about books in another form. So I decided to just make this a mix of everything I feel like stating my opinion on. Might be movies, books, recipes I tried, concerts, tv shows or other things I like or feel strongly about.

I'm still in the process of getting my about page done properly so I'll tell you a bit about myself in this place.

As I mentioned up there, I'm working on my dissertation in Canadian Literature. Before this I got my MA majoring in English Literature with English and Italian Linguistics as my minors. I'm 32 and I live in The Netherlands but I live so close to Germany that I can work and study there, and I happen to be Dutch and German. I work as an English/Dutch/Italian (and sometimes German) tutor/teacher but am looking to get a job in academia. Further I am a writer for Wit & Fancy, an online magazine for women by women.

I already mentioned that I like to read but I also watch too much TV and I like to go to the movies and concerts. I like food so from time to time I try out new recipes. I got a dog and because of him I have gotten much more aware of animal rights. Other causes I'm passionate about are women's rights, human rights and gay rights. I love to travel but most of the time I find myself flying here and there to attend yet another concert of Gianna Nannini.

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