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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Movie: Gravity

 The Story

Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is on her first space mission, together with Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), who will be retiring soon. They're simply doing their jobs, and having fun at it when they're hit by disaster and their shuttle is destroyed. Ryan and Matt are left floating in space by themselves with no chance of rescue because their link to earth has also been destroyed.


  • George Clooney, I'll watch anything he and that sexy voice is in. Even if he's stuck in space in an astronaut suit.
  • It's different from what you usually see, I mean it mainly takes place in actual space, not on board of a spacecraft.
  • It looks amazing, seriously epic.
  • It pulls you in and doesn't let you go, you keep wondering how this is going to end.
  • It's quite claustrophobic, now generally that's not a good thing of course, but if I a movie set in space can make you feel like that, it's quite an accomplishment.


  • I'm not quite sure yet about the final scene, yes I like it, I think, but it feels a bit over the top.
  • The dialogue is a bit corny at times.
  • I could have done without Ryan's back story.
  • At points you will actually feel dizzy while watching this movie. Which is probably an indication of how well made it is but I'm not a fan of dizzy.

All in all 

Definitely a movie that is best seen on a big screen. We saw it in 3D and Dolby Atmos, both of which really worked for this movie. I'm usually not the biggest 3D fan and I rather want to see a movie than live it but it made this one feel very real and even more claustrophobic. I am wondering now if I have seen more movies in Dolby Atmos but just never knew... Anyway, go and see this if you want an immense and breathtaking experience with a story that keeps you wondering what is coming next. Even if there's not that much of a plot and basically only two actors.


4.5 / 5


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