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Friday, November 2, 2012

AcWriMo Is Upon Us!

Many people will know about NaNoWriMo but there's also AcWriMo, held last year for the first time and started by PhD2Published. I decided to participate this year, there are several things to be finished up and a new chapter to be started this seems like a good way to get my mojo back and get on it, maybe even get close to finishing the next chapter.

I made myself a spreadsheet some daily goals, reading and writing. I'm not setting any word goals yet because I got some revising to do at first, which I want to finish today however so tomorrow I can start writing. I'll have to think about my daily goal, I do know that I want to write a certain amount a day and do some reading every day. I sort of decided at the last moment last night to participate so I'm a bit unstructured at the moment but I tried to structure what I need to do and break it up in pieces for now and then go from there these first days.

I also plan to finally make more use of time management techniques during this moment, going to finally try out the Pomodoro Technique and making more use of Producteev and Rescue Time. Maybe go back to using Scrivener again as well.

I'm hoping that knowing many more people are doing AcWriMo will help me accomplish what I want this month! Figured making my participation public is a good way to actually do this so here we go! I should get back to my revision now though or I'll be behind on my first day already...

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